Nugget: Banco Santander on Corporate Sponsorship

From the 2010 Annual Review:

“Corporate sponsorships continue to be the best platform for enhancing the renown of the brand and consolidating the Bank’s positioning at the international level. The five-year alliance with the Formula 1 Ferrari team has been a complete success. The return on the advertising in the first year covered the investment for 2010-2013. This sponsorship has proved to be an excellent tool for business: the success of the launch of the Santander-Ferrari card in Spain, Brazil, Mexico and Portugal is the best proof of this. In the UK, Santander continued to sponsor the drivers of the McLaren Formula 1 team and in Latin America, for the fourth year running, the Bank will sponsor in 2011 the Santander Libertadores Cup. Furthermore, in order to increase the link with Latin America Santander will be the official bank of the Copa América Argentina 2011, one of the world’s main football championships.”

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