Renn Fund | Enter Horizon Kinetics

On June 13, 2016, Steven Stein, the President of Etude Capital, LLC sent an open letter to the Board of Directors of the Renn Fund. At the time, Etude Capital and its affiliates held 12.4% of the outstanding shares of the Renn Fund (NYSE MKT:RCG). Two months earlier, a shareholder meeting had voted in favour of a … Continue reading Renn Fund | Enter Horizon Kinetics

EXOR | FCA Monetization and Share Repurchases

On November 14, EXOR N.V. issued a press release whereby the company announced a €300 million share repurchase plan. Less than six months earlier, at the Exor annual meeting of shareholders, the board of directors had approved a share repurchase plan of €500 million, valid for the following 18 months. The additional repurchase plan comes … Continue reading EXOR | FCA Monetization and Share Repurchases

Overstock | A Special Situation

Overstock (OSTK) currently presents a Special Situation Investment Opportunity. As Overstock's founder has turned his focus on blockchain investments, the sale of the company's eCommerce operations is imminent. A review of recent M&A multiples in the eCommerce space suggests that at its current price, shares of Overstock are significantly undervalued. Overstock Decides to Sell Itself In 2014, … Continue reading Overstock | A Special Situation

Should Liberty Expedia Holdings Even Exist?

Liberty Expedia Holdings (LEXEA and LEXEB) is a holding company that was spun out of Liberty Interactive in 2016. The company owns two main assets, a controlling stake in Expedia Group and its wholly owned subsidiary A Classic John Malone Spin-off You might ask yourself why does Liberty Expedia Holdings even exist? The company … Continue reading Should Liberty Expedia Holdings Even Exist?

Dundee Corporation | A Race to the Bottom

Dundee Corporation (TSE: DC.A) is a Toronto based diversified holding company with investments in wealth management, resources, agriculture and real estate. Dundee Corporation is a public Canadian independent holding company, listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol DC.A. Under the leadership of its founder, Ned Goodman, Dundee Corporation had enjoyed an illustrious history of … Continue reading Dundee Corporation | A Race to the Bottom