Nugget: Banco Santander on Corporate Sponsorship

From the 2010 Annual Review: "Corporate sponsorships continue to be the best platform for enhancing the renown of the brand and consolidating the Bank’s positioning at the international level. The five-year alliance with the Formula 1 Ferrari team has been a complete success. The return on the advertising in the first year covered the investment … Continue reading Nugget: Banco Santander on Corporate Sponsorship

Nugget: Taleb on Banking

An article by Nassim Taleb and Mark Spitznagel on the current state of banking and the issue of managment compensation: "Of course, before being bailed out by governments, banks had never made any return in their history, assuming that their assets are properly marked to market. Nor should they produce any return in the long … Continue reading Nugget: Taleb on Banking

Banco Santander´s exposure to Greece

A Merril Lynch report states that the exposure to Greece is around €200 million. However there is considerable exposure to Portugal: The net assets of Santander’s Portuguese subsidiary, Totta, totalled €2.7bn which compares with Santander’s group equity of €74bn. Totta’s total balance sheet is around €46bn. BBVA’s Portugual operations by contrast do seem to us … Continue reading Banco Santander´s exposure to Greece