Market Value of Juventus Shares

The recent forced sale of Liverpool FC has caught the spotlights.  According to Financiele Dagblad, the club was acquired by New England Sports Ventures (NESV) for € 341m. However, Singaporean Peter Lim had made an offer worth €412 but stepped down as the Board of Directors was clearly not interested in a bid from him.

Forbes Football Club Valuations

According to the Forbes Football Club Valuations for 2010, the enterprise value of Liverpool was €586m. With reference to this figure, the new owners seem to have acquired the club at 58% of the club’s Enterprise Value, while Peter Lim’s offer corresponded to 70% of Enterprise Value.

Juventus Valuation

The Forbes list values the Enterprise Value of Juventus Football Club at €467m. Debt is 3% of the value so the equity should be worth €453. There are 201.553.332 Juventus Common Shares outstanding so Enterprise Value per share would be €2,25. Assuming a 70% real market value the share value would be €1,575 per share.

However, we do believe that there might be hidden value in Juve. For a detailed analysis of the clubs current situation, I would advise people to read this post on The Swiss Ramble website.

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