Market value of Juventus shares

The forced sale of Liverpool FC has chaught a lot of spotlight.  According to Financiele Dagblad the club was aquired by New England Sports Ventures (NESV) for € 341 mln. However, Singaporian Peter Lim had made an offer worth €412 but stepped down as the BoD was clearly not interested in a bid from him.

According to the Forbes Football Club Valuations for 2010 the enterprice value of Liverpool was €586, so according to hat figure the new owners aquired the club at 58% of EV and Peter Lim´s offer was 70% of EV. As the sale was forced the 70% seems more appropreat.

The Forbes list values the EV of Juventus at €467 mln. Debt is 3% of the value so the equity should be worth €453. There are 201.553.332 common shares outstanding, so EV per share would be €2,25. Assuming the 70% real market value the share value would be €1,575 per share.

However, I do believe that there is a lot of hidden value in Juve. For a detailled analysis of the clubs current situation I would advise people to read this post on The Swiss Ramble website.

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