The Pele Pact and its Dramatic Ending

The origin of the Puma brand goes back to 1948. Rudolph Dassler, the company's founder, had split from a business partnership with his elder brother, Adi Dassler. The name of the business partnership? You guessed it, Adidas. Battle of the Boots The two brothers fought a ruthless war for market share in the global sportswear … Continue reading The Pele Pact and its Dramatic Ending

Profile: Adidas Group AG.

Website: Factsheet: (link) Industry Profile: (link) articles on Adidas Back-of-the-Envelope Valuation Currently, the shares of Adidas AG. seem to be fairly valued. Using the takeover bid price of Timberland as the most recent real market multiple for a company in the sport apparel & footwear industry, we come at a fair value of … Continue reading Profile: Adidas Group AG.

Schumpeter on Barca

From the Economist: Barça’s management style chimes in with the thinking of two admired heorists. Boris Groysberg, of Harvard Business School, has warned that companies are too obsessed with hiring stars rather than developing teams. He conducted a fascinating study of successful Wall Street analysts who moved from one firm to another. He discovered that … Continue reading Schumpeter on Barca

The Greek Organization of Football Prognostics (OPAP)

I while ago I posted a excerpt from Buffett in which he explains his idea of the prototype of a dream business (See´s Candy).  You can read it here.  The dream business has the following distinguising characteristics: See’s Candy has not a growth company as CAGR has only been about 2% but it has strong … Continue reading The Greek Organization of Football Prognostics (OPAP)

Market Value of Juventus Shares

The recent forced sale of Liverpool FC has caught the spotlights.  According to Financiele Dagblad, the club was acquired by New England Sports Ventures (NESV) for € 341m. However, Singaporean Peter Lim had made an offer worth €412 but stepped down as the Board of Directors was clearly not interested in a bid from him. … Continue reading Market Value of Juventus Shares

Investing in European Football Clubs

You don't invest in a football club to become wealthy, you invest in a football club because you are wealthy. However, with that being said, top European football clubs have proven themselves to be excellent at generating and growing their revenues over the last two decades. International demand and popularity of European top football have … Continue reading Investing in European Football Clubs