Origo and the value of Tempo Software

Origo is an Icelandic IT company listed on the Nasdaq OMX Iceland stock exchange. The company employs over 500 people, offering IT solutions ranging from hardware, software, consultancy and technical services. In addition to its Icelandic operations, Sweedish-based Applicon AB and Tempo Solutions operate as fully owned subsidiaries. Origo 2017 Financials In 2017, the company … Continue reading Origo and the value of Tempo Software

The Penman-Nissim model of profitability analysis

  Stephen Penman is a George O. May Professor of Financial Accounting at Columbia Business School. He is the author and co-author of acclaimed financial valuation textbooks, such as Financial Statement Analysis and Security Valuation as well as books aimed at a more general audience, such as Accounting for Growth.  The Penman-Nissim Profitability Framework In 1999, Doron … Continue reading The Penman-Nissim model of profitability analysis


Fundamental Finance vs Value Investing

Most investors equate Fundamental Finance with Value Investing. Although all value investors are fundamentalists, not all practitioners of fundamental finance can be defined as value investors. Both approaches focus on Security Analysis and the discovery of Intrinsic Value but Fundamental Finance branches into areas such as control situations, distressed and credit investing, as well as … Continue reading Fundamental Finance vs Value Investing