Oaktree Capital: Thoughts on Valuation

Oaktree is an asset management company that specializes in the high-yield bond market and distressed debt.  Oaktree is lead by Howard Marks, who is famous for the Memos he publishes periodically. Oaktree Presentation from the Bernstein Conference At the end of last May, Jay Wintrob, CEO of Oaktree Capital presented at the Bernstein Strategic Decisions … Continue reading Oaktree Capital: Thoughts on Valuation

Mental Model: Booms, Busts & Fragile Systems

What I hope to collect here is a collection of resources that handle the historical representation of the booms and busts of fragile financial systems. Articles & presentations "Who´s Holding the Bag" by Pershing Square Capital Management (May 2007) "The Age of Balance Sheet Recessions: What Post-2008 U.S., Europe and China Can Learn from Japan … Continue reading Mental Model: Booms, Busts & Fragile Systems