Peter Lynch

Peter Lynch was born in January 1944 in Newton Massachusetts. He is a renowned investor as well as a philanthropist. Most people also know him as a philanthropist. He established Fidelity Investments in 1966 and run it until later in 1990. During his tenure at the investment company, he was able to employ at least 1000 employees in different professions in the business industry.

He studied BA in the Wharton School. He began building his business career early in his life while in college. He has been engaged with investor and renowned individuals in the asset management business. He is also renowned for Magellan Fund.

Net worth

Currently, he has a net worth of $352 million. The value of Peter Lynch shifts from every time depending on market dynamics. He has been married to Carolyn Lynch since 2015.

Peter has co-authored several books and papers in the business field with specialty in investment. He is also renowned for customizing multiple mantras in business. He is behind most inspirational quotes. A number of strategies have also been associated with Lynch because of his consistent involvement with startups and businesses in diverse fields.

Success in most of his businesses is also attributed to specific business strategies and timeliness of decisions. He is renowned across the world as a legend in the financial management field because of his outstanding performance over the years. The entrepreneur and philanthropist has featured in multiple publications on investment and inspirational books for several years.

Early life

His father was diagnosed with cancer in 1951 when Lynch was 7 years old. The father passed on after three years and the mother had to take over all the responsibilities of supporting the family. He had a rough time in his early education but the focus on his studies with specific interests in business. Lynch was a sophomore while at Boson College.

He bought 100 shares of Flying Tiger Airlines at US$8 per share, which was probably his first investment and path to success of his business. The stock shares later rose to $80 per share. It was a great move for a college boy, which defined his life.

Lynch graduated from college in 1965 where he was specializing in Psychology, History, and Philosophy. He graduated with a Master of Business Administration later in three years from Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

Investment Career

He worked as an intern with Fidelity Investments from 1966. The position not only helped him gain exposure in the business industry but also to establish a network with prominent business personalities. It also earned him a name in the business field because of the high reputation of Fidelity Investment at the time. He left the company for studies and later came back to focus on publications, which earned him a permanent position at the company.

After 1969, his focus turned to focus on mining, metals, chemical, and textile industries. Lynch’s consistency and patience in the industry earned him the director’s position in research from 1974 to 1977 in the same company.

Investment philosophy

John Rothchild is the close associate of Lynch in the papers and other publications on investment. Lynch has also featured Rothchild in the top three publications investment these include; One Up on Wall Street, Beating the Street, and Learn to Earn. While the books are universal and beneficial to investors of any kind, some focus on teenage investors. The universal aspect attributes to the popularity of the entrepreneur and his writing skills.

Lynch focuses on building portfolios and balancing accounts to ensure each entry is towards a specific business goal. All of his books represent material for investors of different kinds. The aim of Lynch is to educate, train, and establish a community of professional and confident entrepreneurs.

Peter Lynch is also the author of multiple investment articles on Worth Magazine. The content of his business publications focuses on the concepts and strategies to building a business from scratch. Lynch believes in the management of funds as the path to wealth. While he is the source of theoretical frameworks in business, he discourages reading and failing to put into practice. He insists on buying funds whenever one has the capability. Buying should not be delayed or hindered by other business strategies because time has an element of money in the socks.

Quotes and Sayings

Lynch is behind some of the most popular mantras in investment and business today. He shares part of his secret to success in business. According to Lynch, entrepreneurs should only invest and spend time on what they know. He discourages the habit of trying; successful businesses are built on familiarity. Lynch insists that you can only manage a business effectively if you are conversant with all the challenges and uncertainties.

“Invest in what you know” is the primary principle in all of Lynch’s publications. It is highlighted in all the books and papers. He advises individual investors to take advantage of stocks and fund management as a source of money. According to the renowned investor, it is easy to spot a good investment in this field because the market is open and always open. There is also flexibility in funds management because one can change the amount and redirect the funds on a daily basis depending on the market trend and business goals. Lynch believes in the power of the individual in investing.

In 1994, Peter Lynch gave a speech at the Nation Press Club meeting, explaining his approach to the markets, making his often quoted statement: “I love volatility“.

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