Nugget: Jarden plans expansions of Marmot Outdoor Brand

From Reuters:

“All this is benefiting Jarden that sells a host of outdoor gear like camping tents, sleeping bags and baseball bats, under brands such as Coleman, K2, Rawlings and Aero.

Revenue from outdoor products, including camping and sports goods, rose 11 percent to $772.8 million.

“(The outdoor business) has done well, both because people are doing more camping … or backyard socializing,” Jarden Chief Executive Jim Lillie told Reuters.

Lillie also said that the economic recovery is encouraging people to “return to higher priced products” like high end performance baseball bats priced at $400.

Jarden also plans to double the size of its outdoor clothing range, Marmot, over the next 3 years by opening their own stores and creating partnerships with retail outlets. It currently has three flagship stores in its Marmot apparel business.

The company, which gets its name from the Ball “jar” and products being used in the home (“den”), has traditionally been able to guard margins because of the diversity of its products — from playing cards and cooking pots to storage containers and ski gear.”

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