About that LTRPA NAV-discount

Liberty TripAdvisor (NASDAQ:LTRPA) is a publicly trading holding company that is effectively the controlling shareholder of TripAdvisor, Inc. (NASDAQ: TRIP). Since the TripAdvisor stake is the company’s main asset, its fairly easy to track whether LTRPA stock is trading at a discount or premium to the current market value of TripAdvisor. Since 2018, Liberty TripAdvisor … Continue reading About that LTRPA NAV-discount

EXOR | FCA Monetization and Share Repurchases

On November 14, EXOR N.V. issued a press release whereby the company announced a €300 million share repurchase plan. Less than six months earlier, at the Exor annual meeting of shareholders, the board of directors had approved a share repurchase plan of €500 million, valid for the following 18 months. The additional repurchase plan comes … Continue reading EXOR | FCA Monetization and Share Repurchases

Exor NV | Discount to Net Asset Value (NAV)

EXOR NV (EXO) is a European Holding Company, controlled by the Agnelli family (founders of FIAT). Currently, based on a Sum of Parts analysis, common shares of EXOR trade at a 32% discount to its Net Asset Value. Read recent Exor write-ups on the Exor Compendium Page EXOR Sum of Parts   Although it is not … Continue reading Exor NV | Discount to Net Asset Value (NAV)