Brookfield Asset Management | BAM (TSE)

Brookfield Asset Management (BAM) is a global alternative asset manager, specializing in hard assets, such as real estate, renewable power, timberlands and other infrastructure.  BAM invests in large-scale projects with long-term inflation-beneficiary qualities.

The Company manages close to $300 billion of assets and holds significant stakes in several publicly-traded entities:

Brookfield Property Partners

Brookfield Property Partners (BPY) is a diversified global real estate company that owns, operates and develops one of the largest portfolios of office, retail, multifamily, industrial, hospitality, triple net lease, self-storage, student housing and manufactured housing assets.

Brookfield Infrastructure Partners

Brookfield Infrastructure Partners (BIP) is one of the largest owners and operators of critical and diverse global infrastructure networks which facilitate the movement and storage of energy, water, freight, passengers and data.

Brookfield Renewable Partners

Brookfield Renewable Partners operates one of the world’s largest publicly-traded renewable power platforms. Its portfolio consists of over 17,400 MW of capacity and 876 generating facilities in North America, South America, Europe and Asia.

Brookfield Business Partners

Brookfield Business Partners (BBU) acquires high-quality businesses, situated within the value chains of hard asset sectors, and applies its global investing and operational expertise to create value, with a focus on profitability, sustainable margins and sustainable cash flows.